Buy: "Euskal artearen historia. Gerra Zibiletik, gaur egunera (1936-2016)" at Bilbao Fine Arts Museum

Euskal artearen historia. Gerra Zibiletik, gaur egunera (1936-2016)

The Bilbao Fine Arts Museum is presenting the first volume of an ambitious publishing project that offers a complete reassessment and detailed study of Basque art from approximately 1930 to the present. Historia de arte vasco will be published in three volumes in a project directed by Javier Viar, former director of the Bilbao Fine Arts Museum and author of the volume now being presented. Bego González, head of the museum&aposs Library Department, has compiled the exhaustive bibliographical documentation that accompanies this publishing project, entirely produced by the museum and available in Basque and Spanish.